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"On "Steel Strings", Cardamore shows off considerable chops in the style of his inspiration. This is a beautifully recorded CD; it ought to be - Don Ross co-produced and mixed it. Cardamore reveals a strong left hand in his techniques of finger picking or tapping, letting his Lowden O-12 sing in all its registers."  Kirk Albrecht, Fingerstyle reviewer for Minor 7th:Acoustic Guitar Reviews, Jan/Feb 2003 Review, USA

 "Cardamore's music is marked by shimmering acoustic fingerpicking, story-driven melodies and strangely wondrous imagery - all delivered with a craftsman's touch."  Dan McAvinchey, Reviewer/Owner Guitar9.com, Instrumental Guitar CDs site, November 2002, USA

“Ottawa guitarist Kevin Cardamore is an accomplished player who has obviously spent many years perfecting his craft.  To realize his dream of his own album he enlisted the help of guitar guru Don Ross.  The themes are mainly, but not exclusively pastoral.  Make no mistake, this is not just another guitar weenie/wanker piece.  It will be a valuable addition to your listening library.”  From Chopper’s Taste in Music, Ottawa Folklore Centre Resonate Volume 25, Issue 5  -  Reviewed by Chopper McKinnon, Host of CKCU "Canadian Spaces",  July 2002, Canada

 "Your original songs are filled with lyricism and I was very moved.  I look forward to your second solo album "Folk Art", too."  Hideaki "Pooh" Matsuoka, President POOH YOKOCHO, INC., International Distributor of Fingerstyle Guitar CDs,  Feb 2003, Japan

"Kevin Cardamore compositions on his warm sounding Lowden O-12 are revealing a lot of techniques and certainly great melancholic, yet never dark moods.  All his compositions sound very relaxed and Kevin knows to capture a listener with very original melodies which warms human’s innerspace.  In his 14 compositions on Steel Strings “Without A Song” and “Satin Finish” are surely some of my personal favorites, as these songs create a lot of interaction with the artist.  “Machine and Gods” and “Shelter of the Heart” call some memories of Don Ross his best work. Kevin Cardamore has developed a unique own style which sets him between the best guitarists of the world."  Henk te Veldhuis, Akoestische Gitarist, Feb 2003, The Netherlands  http://www.xs4all.nl/~guitars/reviews.html

"STEEL STRINGS is a great opener, rich guitar sound, well played, neat use of harmonics: MACHINES AND GODS quicker, the flow of notes more precipitous. My favorite is probably TALESPINNER, because the story goes so many different places.I like the out-of-tempo bits, the minor key, the changes of direction... Although there's not much jazz in your playing generally, this piece reminds me of Lenny Breau in places..if you don't know his stuff (and you probably do), the solo album CABIN FEVER is a good introduction. I certainly hear the influence of Don Ross in a lot of this, and others you must have listened to, like Cockburn and Kottke. You may not know that the gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt sometimes improvised solo guitar pieces that sound not at all like the Hot Club de France, but more like what you do here....I believe some of them are on a album called SOUVENIRS... RARITIES" Tony Quarrington, guitarist/composer/producer, February 2003, Canada

"La chitarra sta trovando un suo spazio sempre più interessante, senza più confini geografici e stilistici. Questa volta parliamo di un chitarrista canadese, certo non più giovane, ma per essere dei valenti strumentisti è necessaria una certa esperienza. Come spesso accade per i chitarristi acustici, l'album è stato autoprodotto ed inciso  in presa diretta e con l'ausilio di un amico in qualità di tecnico del suono. L'album mette subito in mostra il mestiere e la tecnica di Cardamore che privilegia suoni sereni e levigati, dando ai suoi brani, tutti originali, un carattere etereo e caratterizzati da un sound aperto e cristallino. Nel suo stile e nel suo fraseggio si incontrano arpeggi e figure della musica celtica così come nuovi e più puri intrecci di new acoustic guitar. In compagnia della sua Lowden 0 12 Kevin ci porta a passeggio fra brani  come Summer o Remebrance a coronare un album indubbiamente piacevole ed interessante. "  Roberto Menabò, guitarist/reviewer @ Bluestime.it, Feb 2003, Italy

"Very  good CD - congratulations......fine playing/writing.  Wonderfully recorded too.  ....  you have that rare mixture of sensitivity, touch, and virtuosity." Shane Simpson, guitarist and producer , October 2002, Canada

"Distinct guitar work...fluid, intricate and sometimes dark...it never holds your hand.  Intimate and without a hint of showbiz..it offers a glimpse into the psyche of the composer and even more if your not afraid." Del Vezeau, guitarist, January 2003, Canada

"This is a first for me. I have never felt compelled to contact an artist regarding their CD but I am so enjoying yours that I wanted to let you know. I too am a fingerstyle player and for me composition wins over technique any day. You've done a great job of creating wonderfully melodic compositions that use your outstanding technique to advantage.  I hate to be compared to other players, so I won't do the same to you, but from my perspective your CD is one the best fingerstyle recordings I've come across in quite a while."  Ric, guitarist, March 2004, Hauppauge, NY., USA